Mission: Maximizing the utility of well known medicinal substances

When a new product first comes on the market it has usually only been used in one or two clinical conditions and in a very limited number of subjects. Over time as more and more patients use the drug in an ever-widening set of clinical circumstances; new insights emerge, as do new uses. Our mission is to search out well-known medicinal substances that continue to show clinical utility. Sometimes this utility will be for a select subset of patients with a given diagnosis and other times it will be in the medication's format or method of administration.

Wellesley Therapeutics Inc seeks to bring to the attention of patients and healthcare professionals information and products that will help them use well-known substances with a greater degree of knowledge and skill.

A Backgrounder:
The pharmaceutical industry, like all industries, is at least partially driven by financial needs. Products are abandoned when patents expire in favour of the new-patented product that will provide a company with market exclusivity. When a pharmaceutical company stops promoting a product it does not mean that the product is no longer effective but rather that the product is no longer capable of helping the company meet financial goals.

Knowledge about pharmaceutical substances comes from many sources. Initially all of the information about a new product comes from the research efforts of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. This voluminous amount of information is provided to national regulatory bodies that decide whether or not a product may be marketed. Then only a fraction of the information, the portion of the information dealing with clinical uses, side effects, how supplied and storage conditions, is made available to the healthcare profession. For competitive reasons 90% of the information is kept secret. Over time there is a shift in the source of new information about a product. Side effects are reported and made available in searchable public databases. Non company-financed clinical trial results are reported by academic researchers and published in peer review journals. Gradually more and more information, independent of the patent owner/licensee, becomes available to the public, lay and professional alike.

It is also at about this time that patent protection begins to run out and the pharmaceutical firm turns its attention to "the new wonder drug". The "old drug" may have lost favour with the original sponsor but it did not lose its useful properties. In fact it may still be a very valuable tool for healthcare professionals.

This is not to deny that some new pharmaceutical products are not valuable additions to the treatment armamentarium. Some new drugs are important advances in the treatment of disease. However, older medications do not loose their utility when their patents expire.

Wellesley's mission is the development of innovative products using medicinal substances that have a long history of safety and effectiveness.

Ultimate Glucosamine® , LevapineTM , Abstayne® Avert® are trade marks owned by PurePharm Inc. and licensed to Wellesley Therapeutics Inc.